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Stories by Ellen Messmer

  • Why virtual honeypots are sweet

    A honeypot is simply a "closely monitored computing resource that we want to be probed, attacked or compromised," Niels Provos and Thorsten Holz tell us in their new book, Virtual Honeypots.

  • Tool tests for phishing-attack gullibility

    Do your company's employees seem like easy dupes for e-mail phishing attacks and other scams? A vulnerability-assessment tool from Core Security Technologies lets you set up automated tests to find out.

  • HP gets Common Criteria certification for Red Hat Linux

    HP says a broad range of its computer hardware running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 has been examined and certified as compliant under the international Common Criteria product-evaluation program backed by the U.S. government and sometimes required for government technology acquisitions.

  • 30 countries move to protect online consumers

    Spurred to find ways to protect consumers as online shopping grows, the 30 countries belonging to the international economic and social-development group Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (<a href="">OECD</a>) announced Monday an accord on dispute resolution.

  • Nokia: Our mobile phones can be hacked, but it isn't easy

    Can mobile phones be hacked? As that question is debated in the wake of a family in Washington, US claiming the phones it uses have been <a href="" target="_blank">taken over by hackers</a>, Nokia is weighing in. The company says it is possible -- but very difficult -- to hack into and manipulate phones based on the S60 Symbian platform it developed.

  • IBM expands security audit and compliance software

    IBM Thursday announced improved security and audit features for its Tivoli Compliance Insight Manager (TCIM) to include a way to generate customized reports on whether internal security policies are being followed. Such reports are intended to assist customers with providing evidence of regulatory compliance.

  • Adobe expands LiveCycle with PDF tool

    Adobe on Monday said it's broadening its LiveCycle Enterprise Suite development software to add a way to create wizard-like "Form Guides" and flash-based graphics so users can interact easily with PDF-based content online.