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Stories by Ellen Messmer

  • Research group finds high level of IT deficiencies

    IT vulnerabilities such as inadequate documentation and poor PC access controls put enterprises at risk of being noncompliant with regulatory mandates and prone to security events -- and most companies have at least a few such deficiencies present in their environments, according to research released Monday.

  • SANS Institute points spotlight at security problems

    In its annual review of the worst security problems spotted for the year, the SANS Institute Wednesday cited zero-day attacks and human gullibility in falling victim to phishing scams or other social engineering tricks as among the most dismal trends of 2006.

  • Webroot to ship spyware/antivirus combination for SMBs

    Webroot, which partnered with Sophos in order to combine its antivirus technology with Webroot's antispyware, says it has ready a consumer product for PCs and expects to have an antispyware/antivirus product by year-end for the small-to-midsize business segment.

  • Software vulnerabilities higher than last year already

    The number of new software security vulnerabilities identified by security experts, hackers and others during the first eight months of this year has already exceeded the total recorded for all of 2005, according to Internet Security Systems.

  • Reflex Security rachets up IPS line

    <a href="" target="_blank">Reflex Security</a> this week plans to announce a higher-speed, intrusion-prevention system appliance as well as its foray into host-based IPS software for desktops and servers.

  • Trend Micro bolsters Internet Security pack

    Trend Micro announced it has begun shipping the 2007 version of its desktop software, which includes new services intended for consumers active in e-commerce and using Wi-Fi at home or other locations.

  • Symantec upgrades consumer desktop products

    Symantec this week unveiled the 2007 editions of its consumer Norton AntiVirus and Internet Security desktop products, plus a third new offering called Norton Confidential that protects e-commerce transactions.

  • IBM takes ISS ... for better or for worse

    IBM's US$1.3 billion deal last week to acquire Internet Security Systems is fraught with pitfalls and possibilities: It gives Big Blue a major stake in the security game, but some wonder whether the company will know what to do with it.

  • How Cisco secures its own networks

    For a year John Stewart has been CSO at Cisco. He's in charge of a team of 60 information security professionals who play a role in IT architecture, policy, audit and incident response to protect an internal user base of about 48,000 employees worldwide. Stewart recently discussed Cisco's risk-management strategy with Network World Senior Editor Ellen Messmer.