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  • Is OpenStack the new Linux?

    Or is this open source 'cloud operating system' just a launching pad for a million new cloud businesses? Either way, the excitement is contagious

  • Disaster recovery: Save the day

    2011 was a bad year for natural disasters. Several nations were rocked either by earthquakes, tidal waves, or floods. There was even a nuclear accident. But has the tumultuous year convinced businesses to bolster their disaster recovery?

  • Are you ready for networking in the cloud?

    The two primary forms of public cloud computing, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), are both growing dramatically in popularity. Over the last few years, the primary focus of the IaaS providers has been on offering the basic compute and storage resources required to run applications.

  • Swine Flu Prompts Aussie CIOs to Revisit Business Continuity Plans

    Australian health authorities may have given the all clear for two local suspected cases of the [[artnid:300804|swine flu virus|new]] -- which has killed more than 80 people in Mexico and infected 20 in the United States -- but concern over the spread of the potentially fatal disease has local CIOs revisiting their business continuity plans (BCP).

  • 10 Cultural Faux Pas You Should Never Make in India

    It's been 12 hours since your last bite to eat. Your stomach growls angrily as you meet the host who will take care of all your needs while you prepare to sign a big contract with his company. He takes you out to dinner at a nice restaurant--please tell me you didn't just order a steak!

  • Resellers weigh in on Westcon finance

    Several resellers have welcomed Westcon Group’s plans to offer financing to channel partners across hardware, software and services. The distributor’s chief finance and operations officer Asia-Pacific, David Corcoran, said the aim of Westcon Group Capital was to assist resellers to close customer opportunities.

  • SaaS An Easy Sell For This CIO

    The tasks in Laef Olson’s working hours can be rather varied. Olson, who is the CIO at Software-as-a-Service vendor RightNow Technologies is on the one hand responsible for IT security and the organisation’s information systems, while on the other he spruiks the strategy and vision for the company's on-demand hosting platform. On many occasions Olson gets a direct audience with company CIOs. What makes it easier for Olson to get traction to the upper levels of management is his past. He has been group vice president of global technology operations of Travelport and Orbitz Worldwide. And before that CTO of In these roles he was also a consumer of SaaS products. It is that experience that he uses to relate to customers when on the road. Olson briefly stopped over in Australia last month where <i>CIO Magazine</i> asked him about the maturity of SaaS.

  • Corporate SaaS considerations myriad, complex

    Amid the growing popularity of software-as-a-service, IT managers are faced with a sometimes monumental task of developing big-picture strategies and policies to govern service-based applications as well as defining performance metrics and support.

  • Cloud options for IT that IT will love

    Back in 1991, before the Internet was a big deal, Ohio State University technologist Jerry Martin signalled the nascent Internet's value with an official standards document entitled "There's gold in them thar networks!" (RFC1290) Although simmering as an academic tool for years, the Internet had not yet triggered a significant paradigm shift for commercial computing. Martin's formal proclamation was an early push to business, which eventually embraced Internet commerce wholeheartedly.

  • Private clouds showing up on IT's agenda

    Enterprise IT shops are starting to embrace the notion of building private clouds, modeling their infrastructure after public service providers such as Amazon and Google. But while virtualization and other technologies exist to create computing pools that can allocate processing power, storage and applications on demand, the technology to manage those distributed resources as a whole is still in the early stages.

The silent partner for every business

The sophisticated Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY TX2550 M5 dual-socket tower server combines high performance, expandability and energy efficiency to meet the requirements of business – it’s just as suited to the office as it is to a rack in the server room.. Read more